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1. Mineral plastic bottle

Re-using a mineral plastic bottle for several times is not a good habit because the material of the bottle (which is called Polyethylene Terephtalate or PET) contains carcinogen (DEHA). This kind of bottle is safe only for 1-2 time usage, or no longer than 1 week of usage. It also has to be put in a place without direct sunlight. To wash the bottle over and over again even more dangerous since it can dissolve the coating and let the carcinogen mix into the water.

2. Shrimp and vitamin C

Don’t eat shrimp after consuming vitamin C! Shrimp and vitamin C consumed at the same time or in near time can bring reaction of Arsenic (As) poison in the body, which can end up in death just within hours.

3. Instant Noodle

Instant noodles contain waxes to make it not too sticky to each other when being cooked. Our body needs more than two days to clean the wax away. Thus, consuming instant noodles everyday is absolutely not recommended. At least give three days spare in between before consuming another instant noodles. According to medical research, people who consume instant noodles everyday, have a high possibility to get cancer.

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