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When you have everything in life; power, people and wealth, what else would you seek? The answer is immortality. That is what the movie "Mummy – Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" started its story.

Emperor Han ruled the whole China and surrounding years B.C. He feared nothing except the aging process which would lead to his own death. Thus, he invited a well-known witch to help make him immortal. The witch knew about the cruelty of the emperor, instead of making him immortal, cursed the emperor and all of his army. They turned into statues and years past. The kingdom now was buried with everyone cursed.

Is immortality so precious?

Is it the highest goal? For religious people they might say it is not the highest goal on earth for they believe on eternal life after death.

If we consider only this life time, do you really want to have eternal life? Live forever for years and thousand years or even billion thousand years. Personally, I will not choose that kind of life. For me, quality life is better than quantity life. I do not mind living short time full of happiness than hundreds thousand years living a boring ineffective life.

It will be sad to see other things surround you change while you are not. You will have to watch one by one your families, relatives, friends, and neighbors leave you. Even your house and other stuffs will go old and rotten.

Buddhism said that every component is subject to decay. It is the law of the nature. Unless you find being immortal will benefit you and others, better focus on doing good as much as you can in this mortal life time than thinking on immortality life.

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