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See the reasons below and start eating fresh fruit for your health.

Proteins - Fat - Sugar

As the energy fruit contains consists of sugars the fruit is digested in 30 minutes. This chemical process has no toxic waste products that are difficult to remove from the body and it even stimulates the removing of toxic elements.

Consists for the largest part of water

The water percentage of fruit (80%) is higher than that of meat (15%) and comes more near the water percentage of the human body (80%). If you think about it, it's logical to consume food that contains as much water as your body does...

Stimulates Our Memories
Not many people known about the fact that fruit is the ultimate brain fuel. Fruit has a positive effect on our brains and makes you recall information easier and faster...

Has Miraculous Healing Effects

Impressive stories about people that cured from cancer by a strict diet of raw fruits and/or vegetables are well known but do we want to believe them? We still don't know that much about fruit and its contents...

Not expensive at all

Did you always think that fruit is an expensive product? Take a good look at how much money you spend on other food. It could be worth something to replace some of those expenses with fruit...

Contains Natural Fibers

We do know now that a diet with plenty of fibers helps against corpulence, high blood pressure, and other factors that increase the chance for a heart disease. And FRUIT is the food that has natural fiber...

100% Bad-Cholesterol Free

No doubt about this reason. Too much cholesterol is not good for our bodies and fruit doesn't contain much cholesterol. Animal products like meat and dairy contain a lot of cholesterol...

Makes You Feel Better

Several stories have told us about people that were frequently depressed and how they got out of their depression slowly but surely after consuming substantial amounts of fresh fruit on a regular basis. Eating a lot of fruit can have a mysterious healing effect on human beings...

Ethical Reasons To Eat Fruit

Fruit doesn't have to be killed and slaughtered before you can eat it. The fruits are just hanging there waiting to be picked by you...

The Most Natural Food

Fruit is food that has been made by plants to be eaten by animals and humans in order to spread its seeds...

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