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By. Dian Saptiana

Our world created billion tons of garbage each day. Could you imagine, where do all they go? One thing for sure, wherever they go, the place would still be on earth. Once there’s an idea of throwing them away to other planet. Well, it can be…. But it is still a rumor. While waiting this idea to be implemented, our earth perhaps has full of trash.

Can recycling reduce the amount of them? Possibly it can…. However, not all of this garbage is able to be recycled.

With trash all over the world, the effect mainly would be in health sector. When health is concerned, other problems can easily occurred right after.

Actually, there some small actions we can do to help reducing trash.
Join this campaign for a better world: “Use less paper”

Check your used paper before you put them in paper shredder. If it is not too classified and the back of it still empty or blank, don’t throw it to paper shredder. You still can use the back of this paper for making notes or else.

Don’t easily print every email you receive. Only print those which are very important and need to print. When you send email, you can also add under each of your own email a statement “Please consider environment before you decide to print this email.”
The statement will give message to others to follow your action.

If you have to distribute any of materials (usually for seminar), modules or manual instructions, better save them in form of CD. You will save lots of paper.

When you buy some small items or any items that you can put in your pocket or your office bag (school bag or other bags you bring), please refuse to use the (paper or plastic) bag given by the store.

Above are only some easy small actions you can practice everyday. There are still a lot of active steps people can do to help keep the world fresh and healthy.

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Response to ... Healthy through Fresh Environment
Live healthy & live longer said... February 20, 2019 at 6:47 PM

Fresh Environment is needed to get a healthy body.