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I was a kind of a rebellion - a freedom loving person. I often found other people’s words as challenges and would put all my efforts to prove them wrong. If they said I could not go any further than a mile. I would prove them that I could go over a mile, even two, four or ten miles. I was not easily turned down by negative words; in fact, I got motivated to reach the opposite.

Once, I mistakenly generalized that everyone will do the same as I do when receiving negative words. The problem is one of my friend had a thought for committing a suicide after hearing negative words about her appearance from me.

I never meant to say such a bad thing about her body. In fact, I often tried to build her positive thinking over it. It did not work. Thus, my last hope was, she would get motivated with negative words (like I used to). However, the result was so awful. It would become worse if she really did the suicidal.

Now the question raise in my mind, does ‘word’ matter??
Have you heard about the effects of negative words and positive words to water? There was an experiment of giving positive words only to a glass of water and negative words to the other. Both glasses were put in the freezer for a while. When the ice in both glasses examined, researcher found out that the shape of the ice given positive words are in beautiful crystallized shapes. While the other had irregular randomized shapes.

If words have great effect to non-beings, could you imagine what they do to human?
Thus, we should by now pay attention to our words. Avoid use negative words, especially to children. Praise them or give them reward for they good habits or achievement. Children easily store new things they hear or see to their memories. Since the memories of kids have more space to fill up than adults’ memories. Negative words will stay in their mind for quite a long time and affect their characters building.

Positive words improve their confidence and self-respect, which later develop into respecting others.
Some people might get motivated by negative words, but most of them do not. Appreciations and compliments work better for people in general.

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