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Tired with your life??

Rather than busy thinking over why others or the world treat you the way you receive…why not try to change your life.

Maybe it’s time to refresh yourself.

These tips might useful and worth to try:
Before you go to bed, write down any positive comments from others about yourself that you could remember.

Try to sleep early (before 10 o’clock) at night. Wear comfortable clothes and make sure you have washed your face, hands and feet.

Do not let your mind occupied by business, works, bills, or other things. Just try to sleep as if you have no problem at all. Even if your mind still wanders, let it think of something nice and peace.

Once you wake up in the morning, first thing to do is to smile. If you could not smile, try to remember the positive comments that you wrote the night before. At least the comment will cheer you up.

Try to do 5-10 minutes meditation. When you sit, try to breathe as normal as possible and focus your mind on loving kindness to other beings.

Go out and breathe some fresh morning air. Do a little exercise with your face and your body. Don’t force yourself and get too exhausted with the exercise. You still need your energy for other activities on that day.

Let the day pass you naturally. The difference is on how you look at the whole situation around you. Put in your mind that good luck will come to you.
Smile to others, even to someone you hate or someone who hates you (or whoever troubles you so much). You will feel you win already by giving smile to your enemies. But please do it sincerely.

When problems come, stay calm. Try to see from different angles to find a solution. Even when you could not find any solutions, just accept and acknowledge the problems. Sometime by accepting the problem, your mind will not focus on the problem anymore, but rather on the solutions or next step to go.

Stay with positive and grateful thinking through the rest of the day and you’ll find that it is a beautiful fresh day.

Life is not that bad, isn’t it???

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