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has become a problem not just for teenagers but also some adults. Aside of whatever factors cause this acne, acne treatment through traditional medicine, herbal medicine or even modern treatments have been widely introduced.

What may be a common misunderstanding is to think that stress can cause acne. There is a relationship between acne and stress, but stress does not cause acne. For sure, some experts say that stress or depression will only make acne problem become worst.
One suggestion is to
avoid stress with yoga or meditation.

This wil
l help clean toxins in blood. It is believed that the blood contaminated with too many toxins create acnes. Another tip is by consuming tea from lavender or chamomile. The aromatherapy from lavender and chamomile make one’s body more relax, and tea is one remedy for acne as well, not mentioning many products for acne is made from tea tree oils.

If stress worsen acn
e, can the relationship be acne create stress? The answer is for some people perhaps “yes.”

How does this possibility work?

One thing is acne problem may make people lack of self-confidence and get stress over finding ways to cure their acne. For some people, appearance is something i
mportant. Even one tiny pimple can be a nightmare for teenagers who have a prom night or first date. A lot of reasons people feel stressed over their acne and this is normal.

However, as previously mentioned, stress will only make acne problem worst. There are many things to be grateful for from other parts of each person. Do not overwhelmed by one problem then forget the rest, which may be the best gift ever.

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