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What is so special about a smile that really needs to cover up, instead of its description as a facial expression made by involving muscles near mouth and eyes?

Studies find that smiling can improve health condition. It can boost immune system. This might be because when people smiling, they feel more relaxed. Thus, all the organs work well so as the immune system.

Another thing is smiling releases endorphin hormone, which is known as natural pain killer or natural pain relaxant. This endorphin stimulates a feeling of joy and relieves any kind of stresses.
A simple act of smile can also change mood into more positive feeling. In general, a smile is associated with pleasure, happiness or amusement. It is hard to think of something negative while smiling because the smile sends these natural signals of happiness to a body. When happiness comes, mostly negative things will be ignored.

Genuine smile requires muscles around mouth and eyes which have the same effect as face-lift. Therefore, people who like to smile look younger and more attractive. Many people tend to draw their attention toward a person with a smile than a person with a frown.

While doing a presentation or in a meeting, it is suggested to keep smiling while facing the audience because a smile shows confidence and in the same time creates friendly approach.

The best fact of smiling is that it is contagious. A smile does not only change the feeling inside oneself but also change the atmosphere of the whole people around. Since it has a special function as universal sign regardless of languages, countries, culture and ages, it is easy to communicate a smile to any kind of people.

Most people may not realize that they have a great power to change the world through their smile. Yes, the power is actually within them. If only they could start every day of their lives with a smile since they are getting up in the morning and share this smile to closest persons, to their neighbor, to people in their office, to their boss etc. They will see a difference ‘a smile’ brings to their life.

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This is because worksheets and games methods work well to bring out acceptable behavior traits in kids as opposed to as designing lesson plans that requires logical thinking is for adults only.